Essay about truly educated person

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Do you would to have an organized degree in order to be difficult well-educated. He knows that does are only one source of knowledge. Oct 30,  · Most really educated people learn despite what they teach in school. BMG. Congratulations on a great essay, and I look forward to more in the same lines.

Cheers! AUTHOR. you def have the characteristics of an educated person. Good to Reviews: A person who neglects his health or ruins it by falling a prey to vicious habits cannot be called educated. An educated person is aware of the intimate connection between the mind and the body, and believes with Samuel Butler that neglect of health is a crime.

Essay: What education means to me Published by bernard on December 8, Sample Essay. I feel that a truly educated person is also a cultured person, by cultured I mean that he or she may not be a great artist but has the sensitivity and the ability to appreciate great art.

He may not be able to write well but can appreciate Tolstoy’s. Among our faculty, however, we don't really dialogue much about what constitutes a liberal education and/or a truly educated person.

Too often, the press of daily responsibilities overwhelms our desire to think and discuss issues in a reflective way.

560 Words Essay on my Idea of an Educated Person

Jul 31,  · In recent posts, I have been suggesting that being educated includes (to give a short answer): a demonstrated ability to listen carefully, to think critically, to evaluate facts rigorously, to.

An educated person is someone who has been educated holistically: creatively, culturally, spiritually, morally, physically, technologically, and intellectually. An educated person .

Essay about truly educated person
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